About Me

Hello there.

I’ve taken something of a winding path to get here, and I bet you have too. I first really started traveling on my own in 2010, when my then boyfriend broke up with me three days before we were supposed to leave on a two week cross country road trip as a test run before going to live in Thailand together. Right. I had already made all the preparations to work from the road, so I drove from Dallas to NYC on my own.

While driving through Tennessee I realized that I didn’t want to live in Dallas andI had the capacity to work wherever I wanted. I just had to choose where to go and the rest was just details. All these years later, I write about everything I’ve learned as a solo female traveler, so that you can skip at least part of those “learning experiences” yourself. Language learning resources? Covered. Traveling in the winter in northern Europe with a carryon? Yep. Streamlining the list of apps so your phone becomes even more useful while you’re on the road? MmmHmm.

You should also know, I’m an HSP and an introvert which makes for a life best lived with lots of alone time. On the flip side of my coin, I love adventure and stretching my comfort zone. It’s a bit like having my own personal game of tetris, finding what part of my life fits where.

I ask a lot of questions. Mostly of myself, throughout my day, though I’ll direct plenty of questions to others too. My favorite question is “What would make this better?”. The answer is usually something small and easily accomplished, and often surprising. I’m a big fan of hot tea and comfy socks as a starting point to solving most problems.

I believe firmly in two things:

1) We do the best we can with what we have.

We have a tendency to say that we could have done better when what we mean is that we wish we’d done better. Rarely do we think “I could go the extra few steps here, but I’m going to leave this partially undone, because meh.” No. We stop because for whatever reason, we have reached our capacity at that moment.

If we forgive ourselves and others for our lack of perfection and do our best in the next moment, the entire world becomes a bit better, more loving and ease filled.

2) I’ll be okay. I may not always be great, but I’ll always be okay. This is as close as I get to Faith. I trust that I will be cared for and recover from whatever mishap befalls me. Things may suck in that moment, but I’ll be okay. Maybe not right at that exact moment, but soon enough. So far, so good.

If this sounds like your kind of place go ahead and sign up for Tuesday Tea, and I’ll send even more travel inspired goodness to you every week. And, if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed thinking about planning your own trip, we can have a short chat. You can also join me on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, FaceBook, and YouTube, and together we’ll make the internet a bit more generous. Or, at least, we can drink tea and studiously ignore the haters.

Loves, hugs, and tea,