Structure for Creative Nomads

Structure for Creative Nomads

Working in Your PJs

The flexibility of being self employed is both a blessing and a bane. We talk about how we can make our own schedules and take time when we need it. But then, it seems as though the day gets eaten up by minutiae and distractions, and we finally get to work much later than we had promised ourselves and we’re still in our pjs. This seems to be especially true for creatives, and even more true for nomads, as we tend to have fewer ties to the communities where we live.

I’m not perfect at it by any means, but I have developed a framework that helps to keep me on track.

Anchoring as Nomads

Mostly, I anchor one activity to another. I have a difficult time getting up and out of bed. So, now, when I wake up I sit up, drink the water I put by the bed the night before, and listen to a podcast for 10-20 minutes. Then I get out of bed and grab another water and work out. After that it’s my morning pages and green tea, followed by breakfast. At which point I’m ready for my chocolate flake black tea with milk and my productive writing for the day. Each one of those activities is tied to something I would do anyway, mostly drinking tea or water. One by one, I’ve tied a ‘need to’ to a ‘want to; so that when I do the ‘want to’, I feel weird not doing the ‘need to’.

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