Choosing the Best Souvenirs

Best Souvenirs

Your Best Souvenirs

Souvenirs, the mementos that bring to mind our favorite travel memories. So why do we buy flag lapel pins that we’ll never wear, garish sunglasses in the shape of monuments, and museum tote bags? I don’t have an answer, but I do have a list of some of the best souvenirs that you can bring home, knowing you’ll put them to good use.


While you should always check your country’s import laws, bringing home some delicious bites can mentally bring you back to that little shop where the light fell just right through the window as you sipped your tea and nibbled shortbread. Even while you’re surrounded by your toddler’s scattered toys. Wine (check quantity allowances), butter, cookies, hot chocolate bars, spices, preserves… Here are the current US import restrictions.

Clothes and Shoes

Yes, those Thai pants are comfy and you look cute in them. Once you’re home, you’ll probably wear them twice before going back to your usual style and then they’ll end up in the donate pile. So, why not start with your usual style? A couple of pieces that coordinate with your wardrobe can bring a little extra joy to your day. Leave the tourist markets and look for independent designers or even known designers.

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Tumbleweeds vs Strawberry Plants

(tumbleweed image courtesy of Denise Rowlands & strawberry plant image courtesy of Gardening in a Minute, under creative commons)


I recently found one of my friends from high school on Facebook, as we all do. He’s a traveler, like I am; a Swedish man living in Rio de Janeiro… for now. I saw a post on his feed, about his ‘tumbleweed’ lifestyle and to be honest, it made me a bit sad.

Tumble weeds have weak attachments to their roots, so the bonds break in strong winds and the dead plant ‘tumbles’ across creation, aimless and devoid of will. Dead, rootless, and following another’s whims, in this case the wind.

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