One Tiny Thing Thursday: Say it Out Loud

Welcome to One Tiny Thing Thursday, which started at The Social Caterpillar and followed me here. We choose to do one little bit of a part of the scary, instead of trying to tackle the whole overwhelm all at once. Because, starting small is usually better than not starting at all. Join us?

I’m writing a book on traveling with style. One of the things I hated about traveling was the  limitations of my wardrobe due to the size of my back pack. So, I’ve been acquiring versatile clothing, pieces that can be worn in multiple ways and various combinations with each other. I’ve just started outlining the possible combinations and now I’m setting my intention publicly. I’m writing a book with a personal deadline of March 7, 2014. Let’s do this!

If you want to play along, then just tell us in the comments what you’re One Tiny Thing is. And if you like, you can always come back and let us know how it went too.