Welcome, do come in. I’ve been hoping you’d stop by.

Actually, I have. This move has been about a year and a half in the making, though most of it was passive, letting my brain come to terms with the shift my life had taken. I’m not off adventuring like I had been or taking one huge-feeling emotional risk after another either. I’m still shaping my life, my actions, only in smaller, more integrated ways.

I’m not just sculpting my life but cultivating my lifestyle. It’s like the difference between taking out chunks of stone with a chisel and finishing out the details with a file. The Social Caterpillar was all about making myself vulnerable and learning from it. While that’s still an important part of my life, it’s only one dimension. Here, you’ll see more of a lifestyle focus, with vulnerability and risk taking as just one part of the whole.

We’ll still have One Tiny Thing Thursday, and I’ll bring in more self care topics too. Did you know that I develop recipes? Probably not, as there are only about five people who’ve heard me talk about it. I’ll share some of them here too. I’ve also been focusing a lot of my attention on affective neuroscience,  neuroplasticity, introversion, Dabrowsky’s overexcitabilities, and cognitive load, among other interrelated topics. You’ll see some of those ideas find their way here too.

Like most homes, this one will change periodically, bringing focus onto different aspects over time. Thank you for joining me in this journey.

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