First Days: Settling In

First Days Settling In

First Days, Settling in to a New Home

For me, one of the hardest things about long term travel is starting new each time I move. It takes time to get my feet under me. To make this transition a bit easier, I have some steps that I take ahead of time so that I can settle in faster.


When I’m looking for accommodation, I make sure that it’s in a walkable neighborhood. Specifically, I make sure that I have a cafe and a couple of restaurants within a block or two. I also look for parks and a pub or cocktail bar, that seems to fit my tastes.

Grocery Store

I also see to it that there’s at least one grocery store within a half mile. In Europe, this hasn’t been a problem at all. In the US, it’s a primary concern, since city planning is often more car based.

Day One List

I keep a Day One grocery list, since stocking up is a 2-3 day process. My first trip to the grocery store entails bringing home tea (one herbal and one black), fruit, yoghurt, 3-4 vegetables that can be eaten raw, hummus, and a frozen supper unless I plan on eating out.

Day Two List

My second day list, is usually snacks like dried fruit and nuts, Nakd/Lara bars, plus supper items, like sweet potatoes and toppings. I may get another herbal and a green tea, as well. Groceries are first on my list because if I’m nourished, then I function better, both physically and emotionally, which means I make better choices.

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I’m not the best at this, but I try to find places to meet people and schedule that in if possible. I’ll look for meetups in the area and put a call out on my female traveler FB groups, at minimum.

Work Out

Maintaining my workout routine makes a huge difference in how I process the difficulties that pop up in any situation. It’s easy to say ‘I just got here, I’ll exercise tomorrow’ and three weeks later you can’t figure out why you’re tired. That’s not just me, right? So, I make an effort to do something. It may not be my full morning workout, long afternoon walk, and evening yoga, but a five minute stretch and a 20 minute walk still have a wonderful effect on me.


I also try to keep my work schedule. My natural productivity rhythms mean that I work best with creative pursuits in the mornings and design in the afternoons. That may sound contradictory, but for me writing is far more creatively draining than design, so it comes first.

So, that’s it, that’s how I keep my momentum going when I’ve uprooted myself once again. Tell me, do you have any routines/rituals that keep you and your work grounded?

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