Nourish Bowls

nourish bowl

I moved back to Austin at the end of July, after just over six months of wandering. I had forgotten how much goes into setting up a household. Beyond the unpacking and organizing, there’s making new purchases for the little ways that each home is different. There’s doing the little things that never happened at the previous home. And, there’s restocking the kitchen.

Not only is it costly, it’s time consuming, especially since I kept forgetting things. I think it’s finally squared away now, mostly. I spent more days than I’d like eating prepared foods because neither my kitchen nor my routines were ready for me to start back with previous supportive behaviors, much less adding in the new ones I’ve developed since. Read more

New Orleans and a Year’s Wardrobe in a Carry On


A lot going on right now. Phew

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: I’ve given up my apartment and put my stuff in storage. Okay, so it’s a little different, last time I had a house and sold my stuff.

Right now, I’m in New Orleans, the Irish Channel district to be specific. I’ve got a couple of big projects I’m working on to keep my busy, of course. Those books I mentioned that were calling to me to be crafted? I’m in process on both of them, with sites coming soon.

11 Pieces of Clothing, 1 Carry On, A Year’s Worth of Possibilities

The first one is Carry On 365, a packing system using 11 pieces of convertible clothing to create over a years worth of non-repeating outfits.I know, it sounds nuts, a year’s wardrobe in a carry on bag. I’ve done the photo shoot and have all the clothes with me here in New Orleans and actually, my bag is 5 linear inches smaller than the standard carry on. So, you’ve still got room for any extras that I don’t carry like a travel dryer or make up. Read more

Not So Green Smoothie


Do you have a difficult time keeping your day on track? I do. When I start my day with a good breakfast, everything else seems to go more smoothly. Usually I go for a ‘green’ smoothie, though with all the blueberries, it tends to look more purple/black. If nothing else, I’ve gotten a decent amount of produce in my body. This is my current recipe:

Read more